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honey, i’m home!

don’t all cheer at once now. so regina was kind of fun. you know, as far as work goes. my hotel room was nice, the bed was huge, someone did all the cleaning and made my bed everyday, i took … Continue reading

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techincal difficuties

  borrrrrrrrrrrrrring. we had a power failure about an hour an a half ago. several city blocks were down. for the first 30 minutes we had no power and we all waited around, unable to do anything, wondering if we’d … Continue reading

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tick tock….

  you know what doesn’t make the day go any faster? constantly thinking about how time is dragging. i don’t know what sort of black hole i’m stuck in today, but the minutes are just creeping along at an excruciatingly … Continue reading

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ode to the blahs

  I’m tired today.Uninspired today.Escape is desired today.But ennui transpires today.Strength is required these days.     i bet you didn’t realize i was such a talented poet.      

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