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Suprised, shocked and speechless

Okay, you know that last part is never true. So, remember the I suck blog? The one where I blew my interview for the job I was all excited about? And then of course there’s my recent foray into dating … Continue reading

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Damn Russians

Why’d they have to kick our ass? Now I don’t care about watching any more hockey.

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Population…. ME

You all know how I love traveling and yesterday I won a free trip to a little town that I’ve visited before: Dumpsville! It’s not exactly a tourist hotspot, but it does get its share of visitors. The last time … Continue reading

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nothing interesting

Ho hum, nothing to say. I watched the Canada-Switzerland hockey game this morning. We lost. I don’t think I should watch sports, I get too worked up. And this game didn’t even matter! I remember watching the US-Canada gold medal … Continue reading

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Hallmark hooey

Ah, February 14th, Valentines’s Day. The day when the card companies, florists and chocolate shops all band together, united by the common goal of guilting people into expressing their affection through gifts, and putting a monetary value on love. How … Continue reading

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ARGHH!!!!!!! Too much coffee in my body, I am going beserk! Insane, bonkers, hopping mad! I feel I could run on the walls and bounce around the room like a cartoon. It’s actually driving me crazy, I think I’m going … Continue reading

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Time for that drink

As foretold by my extraordinary psychic powers, I totally blew the interview. After careful analysis of my performance, I have narrowed it down to one minor flaw: I suck. I have always been aware of my suckiness, but never have … Continue reading

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8 a.m and I need a drink

Ohgod ohgod ohgod…. I have an interview today for an internship that I really want, working for the multicultural program at Heritage Canada. I am terrified! There’s a 3 person panel that will interview me for about 45 minutes, then … Continue reading

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The Eyeball of Death

The Eyeball of DEATH!!! That’s what I played the other day at work. When it came time to play outside, a little boy named Jack asked if I would play with him, and this was the game. Basically it involved … Continue reading

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