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the birthday

Yay, birthdays are so fun! Except for the whole getting older aspect. All my fretting was for nothing, it turned out just fine. There were piles upon piles of delicious goodies to eat, a big bowl of sangria, and everyone … Continue reading

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Oh happy day

It’s my birthday! Where are all my birthday wishes, punks? Any guesses how many candles on the cake? Be kind….

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Very exciting!

Ooh, new tricks and treats with Spaces! And I can add new photos finally, yippee! Unfortunately not right now because I must finish decorating for my birthday party tomorrow. It’s also the Chinese new year and given all my time … Continue reading

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How do I hate thee Mac? Let me count the ways! No, it would take too long. I’ve been trying to post a blog for a while now, but it wouldn’t let me publish. BAH!! Also, the reason I was … Continue reading

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I blame the sour puss

I may still be drunk. It started off with a few quiet beers. The case came with a deck of cards and some poker chips. I’ve realised that I’m a terrible poker player because I never want to bet anything … Continue reading

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read me read me!

This is very exciting, I thought my blog wasn’t faring so well these days, but I’m actually nearing 100,000 hits! I’m a mere 99 and eighty thouasand away! Woowee! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I suck.

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Damnit, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten all hyped up and excited for my class. It was so disappointing! Too easy and boring. Normally I’d love to say that I’m just too advanced for something (I don’t get that opportunity … Continue reading

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I’m a student again!

Tonight I have my first Mandarin lesson at the University of Winnipeg. Yay, how exciting! I’m in level two so I hope I can keep up. I’m so giddy about it, I can’t wait!!

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Amanda to the rescue!

Had my first day of my CPR/First Aid course today. We got to practice resuscitating plastic silver babies and heads on blue torsos. Whee! look at the plastic bag inflate, I’m saving the torso! I don’t know if the instructor … Continue reading

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misguided spacewalking

My brain powered off temporarily this afternoon, and I typed in my spaces address incorrectly. I accidentally put the msn before the spaces and an "adult content" warning came up. I thought perhaps it was because I was using a … Continue reading

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