And you are…?

I’m copying other people’s cool idea for a guestbook. I never claimed to have any original ideas.

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103 Responses to And you are…?

  1. Soft says:

    Just stopping to say hi….i like ur space! byeeeeeeee!

  2. Luis Alberto says:

    HolaRegards, just stoping by to say hello. Great site really like it a lot so I will be visiting again. I hope to have the honor of your autograph in mine soon. Until next time.

  3. »»»----Påįģē----› says:

    Great space…you\’ve definitely got a sense of humor…lolol….I\’m still luaghing at the sputum picture….Sputum at 4 a.m….lmaoI\’m out doing the World Space Tour thing, so wanted to say hello. Hope you\’re having a great weekend…And, stop by and say hello when you hve the time.Paige :o)

  4. carol says:

    hi, china so cool I am from st. kitts an island in the caribbean.stop by some day and sign my book and map.lots of lovecarol

  5. lisa says:

    lmao very interesting space u have lot\’s of good laughs for me !! but anyway stopped bye to say happy world space tour day i\’m from brandon,manitoba

  6. Unknown says:

    Hi there! I had a ball visiting yourspace!! lOL teetah

  7. Mark says:

    hey just thought i\’d help boost your numbers cos i read your comment on paiges space.hope you reach the magic 15,000. i\’ve just managed 1,000.take it easy :^)

  8. lisa says:


  9. Sunny says:

    Hey, nice space and pictures! The one you titled "blurry castle" actually is a seashell museum.

  10. G.S. says:

    Hello dear….Nice space here…Keep it up!Keep smiling :)

  11. Sunny says:

    Hi, here again to give you some ideas about the southern China travel plan. I am sure you have already read a lot from the Lonely Planet. The two must-go places in China which you have already been to or will visit are Dalian and Shanghai! Because I was born in Shanghai and grew up in Dalian. Hehe… Okay, here are some recommandations: If you prefer Historical places, you would not want to miss: 1. Beijing which has the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. 2. Xi\’an of Shanxi Province which has the Terra-cotta Worriers. If you love the natural scenes: 1. Guilin and Yangshuo of Guangxi Province which is very close to Lijiang River. 2. Jiuzhaigou(Jiuzhai-gully)of Sichuan Province. 3. Zhangjiajie of Hunan Province. 4. Tibet is my favorite, but it might be a little bit far away. 5. Sanya of Hainan Province. But since you have been to Thailand, you may not keen into beautiful sand beaches. Too many places worth paying visit… oh well, that\’s all for today I guess. Hope it\’d be helpful.

  12. Andy says:

    Just read your comments in my friend\’s space and come over. When I saw your pics in Dalian I was having a kind feeling that I cannot descibe, Tianjin Street, Binhailu Beach, Labour park…. All in my memory. Thank you to show my Dalian to me ^_^ and you will be having fun in China. You have a nice tour.

  13. Mik says:

    Hey love the site, keep it up

  14. Unknown says:

    (¯`v´¯) `·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´¯`·-> Hello from *~Ms_A$~* …. come by my space @ any time.

  15. Rhiannon says:

    hey, love your space you are so funny.

  16. Buffy says:

    Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you continue to enjoy my site. Rose

  17. Buffy says:

    Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you continue to enjoy my site. Rose

  18. Lindsay says:

    I felt like I was in grade one and my teacher was yelling at me (again)…so I was forced to sign the guestbook for fear I\’d end up in cyber detention!!!!!!! *Nani*

  19. isa says:

    hey. nice page.

  20. L says:

    Okay okay I\’ll sign just stop pointing that finger at me! It looks gi-NOR-mous, lol.Hey from Ontario Canada ;-)

  21. Chele says:

    What a great space:) Wandered over from Tim\’s space and just had to stop for a look aroundChele xx

  22. Unknown says:

    I really like your site!! Come by and visit me and sign my guestbook if you have the chance! :)

  23. Miranda says:

    Hey Just passing through on my spacewalk!! Hope you have a great week!!~Miranda~***english teacher….check spelling….good….check grammer…good!****LOL*

  24. Cindy says:

    You got me hooked…great space. I\’ve been looking for something interesting to read about and I\’ve found it here. Had to laugh at your cigarette post. I live in Madison, Wis and they just passed a smoking ban in all bars !!! Yes in Wisconsin, land of beer! People are not happy! Bars are loosing money! Smokers want to smoke! Too much big brother in MadCity. Anyway…I\’ll be checking back to read about things in China.

  25. isa says:

    whoop whoop whoop.buffy!!

  26. Unknown says:

    OK, your pointy finger convinced me. Clearly you are a powerful and intimidating personality. I\’m pleased to see that the objectives for our webspaces are the same. If world domination is your objective, then we should team up, at least until we have half each, then we should ruthlessly try and off each other… I also have the perfect religion to suck in other followers…Care to join me in an evil plan?

  27. Nadine says:

    The menacing finger pointery did it..I couldnt help but sign….otherwise Jesus might do something bad! Or something patheticly dramatic along those lines….Thx for stopping by! Ooh and I dunno which pics you couldn\’t see..but I\’m hoping for your sake that it wasnt the hot B&W skirt flying up in the air showing a very shaply man\’s buttocks..mmmmm! If it was..I\’m so very sorry!Cheers for now!Nadine

  28. Rachel says:

    Your video is cool… I didn\’t know the blogs could do that… Thank you for sharing…I don\’t think you are whiney you sound young and full of live. Keep it up girl…Love your space.

  29. It's me, rant says:

    a English teacher in China , waw! DALIAN is a beautiful city. which college do you teach in ?BTW, I wanna say you look really fierce. haha !

  30. Robin221b says:

    looks intriguing though i have barely skimmed the surface, impressed with attitude and ATTITUDE, particularly the disorganized organization of the gestalt…. persevere publish and profligate………will definitely do some subsurface enjoyment when i am more awake. full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes with pointy fingers!

  31. Strawberry says:

    Just passing through and your finger pointing urged me to sign your guestbook. Very English teacherish. Great blog. Have a good weekend!

  32. Mrs. Elvischick says:

    Happy Guestbook Day!! Love the site, you did an awesome job!! Come visit me sometime!Have a great weekend!!Love, Elvischick21

  33. Tania says:

    signing in here. …i made a comment in your blog but probably should have been here….p.s. how do i get my blog to show dates instead of just the month?thanks

  34. Brent Kitson says:

    I love the page. How did you get media player on your page??????????

  35. Sophus_the_1_and_only says:

    Hey love that song on media player! Cool page. Thought I\’d better sign your guest book, what with the menacing pointing finger and all… Anyways have yourself a great day! :o)

  36. Sunny says:

    Was that you at Noah on Aug 15th?

  37. Christine says:

    Hey Hey!Just came by to give out some ((HUGZ))Have a great Day!!!(¯`v´¯) `·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´~ Christine

  38. Ayanna says:

    Hi :-) I love your space! I am a teacher too! When you get some time you can visit my space …. Blessings

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Your not watching me? :o(

  40. Unknown says:

    Just being a blog hopper hereCame across your site and just wanted to say helloI enjoyed the reading here.I am sure to drop in and see what is newand give a hello from time to time.If you do not mind me adding you to my list of "Blogs I Like" Please let me know and I will add you there.Hope you have a great and wonderful day!__________88___________________888__88888__888___________88888_88888_88888__________88888888888888888_______ ____8888888888888888____________88888888888888_______________8888888888______________###___**________###____#####___**_____#####_____######__**___#####_______#####__**__####___________####__**_####______________###_**###______

  41. says:

    Hi!I am yuyue from the city of Shanghai,China,good to be here.Dalian is really a beautiful coast city in China,i hope you doing well everyday in Chinabtw,the music "green light" is nice,i like it!

  42. 國華 says:

    Hello dear Amanda:Make a (Photo Guest Book)! a happy weekend in China! Kiss from Taiwan!

  43. AL says:

    your menacing finger makes me feel uneasy…but your cuticles are well kept.

  44. bob says:

    happy guestbook signing day there world traveller !

  45. Sher says:

    Enjoyed my visit – and I really only signed the guestbook because of the finger-pointery. Really. Sher

  46. Ryan says:

    I must complement you on your picture, giant fingers are a fetish of mine! :Þ

  47. Jennifer says:

    Just checking out the links from Spooning Land and thought I\’d say hello. Your life seems so exciting… travelling the world and getting paid to do it. I\’m so envious right now! If you get a minute… drop by and check out a fellow Canadians space.

  48. KZ says:

    Hello Amanda,I got lost reading in your space! I love your sense of humor and the music on your media player is cool. Good luck with the world domination thing…. Great space!!!

  49. Unknown says:

    hello just stoping by

  50. Helen says:

    Oh my gosh you are sooo funny!! I love reading your blog, Amanda … it\’s so cool to see and read what you\’ve been up to since you left good ol\’ Dalian (sniff, sniff)! Oh, and Kent says "Hi!" (thought I\’d just pop that in there in case I don\’t have a chance to write you an email!)

  51. A says:

    Hello there. I like your blog! Please visit mine too!

  52. Unknown says:

    Nice space. Russia Huh?

  53. Strawberry says:

    Wow … Russia how cool or how cold. I think that\’s about the extent of my Russian … DA! Just surfin\’ on by and came upon your blog. Very nice. Must be interesting to be living in the land of China. Hope everything goes well for you on your travels abroad. Have a spectacular day and be blessed!

  54. Buffy says:

    Doing an update on spaces. This one is cool. .。.:⊹⊱✿*Rose

  55. Unknown says:

    hello,here a message from hollandyes holland!!!!i like to see other peoples space and most of people all over the world.and here i amcome to my space and leave a message for me please in my gastenboek(guestbook)thanks bye bye greetz gerda

  56. Unknown says:

    Greetings Amanda! Nice to see you back in Edinburgh and have a chat with you Saturday last. Hope you met up with you Swedish friends all right. Cheers the noo,

  57. Buffy says:

    Hi! I have just popped in from \’A Space Of Spaces\’ to check for broken links. And to let you know I have started a new album in \’Albums Of Images\’ called \’Space People\’. If you would like your photo included leave me a message here >>>。.:⊹⊱✿*Rose

  58. Amanda says:

    I think this is the first time I have ever signed someone\’s guestbook, I don\’t know it must have been the finger. I will be back.

  59. Unknown says:

    Hello from another Amanda, please don\’t point at me, it makes me nervous…love the space, glad I found ya, think we should start an Amandas only site and see how many we can get??? xoxo from Iowa, MandeRose

  60. Sergio's MSN Space says:

    hey amanda ure space is so cool and if u could can u possibly add me? ok well heres my email adress cutest_man_in_town@hotmail.comthanks sincerly ..sergio..

  61. Buffy says:

    Amanda, Glad your back. Have enjoyed reading your blogs. Will miss the stories about life in china. I bet the next adventure is just around the corner, can\’t wait. But for now I think you have earned some \’me\’ time. So relax and enjoy. Wish I could do something about that dog for you. You still have a link in \’A Space Of Spaces\’. Hope you have time for a vist. .。.:⊹⊱✿*Rose

  62. Nein says:

    ur creapy as hell u no

  63. Iris says:

    Just stopping by to say (\\ï/)………….(/l\\)…..HELLO!……………..(\\ï/)……………..(/l\\)HAVE A NICE WEEK!(\\ï/)………….(/l\\)……………………….(\\ï/)……………..(/l\\)~Iris

  64. Mike says:

    new at this thing so you were the unfortunate soul i stumbled into. fun reading will be back.

  65. ♥˚◦°°◦..♥Pixie♥..◦°°◦˚♥ says:

    Loved the finger pic at the top of your pageHad to sign like you said….The picture was very convincingCheers!oOo Pixie oOo

  66. ۰• Rose •۰ says:

    Just letting a few people know about my new Space.  Hope you have time to pop over.

  67. ۰• Rose •۰ says:

    I sure hope those stolen babies don\’t show up on your record…!! Good luck, or should I say break a leg in case I jinxs you?  Glad you were sucked into my guestbook. 

  68. ♥Missy♥ says:

    ellloooo woz just having a nose at ya space thought id leave a little comment :) loving ya space!! hugs missy

  69. michelle says:

    Hi Amanda,
    This is the first time signing a guest book but I enjoyed your site so much I had too.  As a single mom with 3 kids some days it is hard to smile let alone laugh.  Thanks for cheering me up!  Keep your sence of humor for the rest of your life no matter what is thrown at you.  It will keep you sane!  Mine has!
    If you are ever in BC please feel free to come visit.

  70. husky247 says:

    hello from germany. your storys are amazing.

  71. Sébastien says:

    Hihihi, i like your sense of humour and the way you express yourself…that\’s what a blog is all about…keep on blogging :P

  72. Chris says:

    Oh, hang on, I don\’t know you.  Ahem.  Hello.
    Swimming is better than drowning, so maybe "it\’s going swimmingly" means "it\’s going better than it would have done if I had drowned".  I said maybe.
    Nice "blog".  Cheers.

  73. Sara says:

    Well now, aren\’t you popular.
    I admire  your sarcastic…….ness.
    so there, I signed your guestbook. whoopdeedoo.
    -Sara (f)

  74. iwonka says:

    hello Amanda!
    I found your space a few weeks ago…and since than I\’ve been checking what you are up to…I really like your way of writting and funny stories…Great sense of humor :)
    and know I need your help….you have been living in China for a year…and this is exacly what I do really want to do…the only thing is that i have 3 months (Jun-Aug)…and that i cannot afford that…but i have to go…otherwise I would regret that for all my life…i hope that i will find a job over there…what do you think? is it possible??? if you have any tips, advises, ideas…please let my know :) it\’s really important for me…and I would be very greateful :)
    it\’s a secret now…so I would prefer if you email me…
    If you have no time or there is any other reason you can\’t help me…that\’s fine! No worries :)
    Hugs from Poland,
    PS. Sorry for my English….

  75. iwonka says:

    sorry…I forgot about me e-mail:

  76. Sébastien says:

    Hello from Québec, I\’d love to visit 35 countries. I\’ve only traveled in north america. Your stories are really interesting.

  77. Tanya says:

    Hi there.. i\’m from Montreal, Quebec… just wanted to say.. to have a cool blog…
    was rather interesting reading what you wrote!!! Keep it up!!

  78. Vince says:

    If you keep poking at that; you will go blind!

  79. Jerusha says:

    k. i signed.
    ps. unless i am greatly mistaken, you should cut that finger nail on that menacing pointing finger.
    just thought id mention that. by.

  80. lori says:

    I was compelled to visit after seeing your picture/post on Laoch\’s site and now again compelled to sign.  Gosh that pic with the pointing finger is powerfull!

  81. Heather says:

    Happy Canada Day!

  82. Amanda says:

    See I was just gonna leave a comment under your blog, but I saw the finger pointing at me, and thought.."Well I should leave a comment here instead, just in case." I don\’t want any wild goose chases around here.
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my space. I\’ve seen you around here, and saw Mander, but really it\’s not quite the same, thank goodness your name is ManderS, I agree we wouldn\’t want any indentity crises. I tend to forget who I really am at times. I can\’t handle that.
    Have a good week!

  83. Shane says:

    Dropping ya a note to say Hi!  hope all is welll, I like your space, and the way your write…. your quite funny!

  84. Will says:

    Random guestbook comment. :-)
    Take care, hope you\’re ahving a good weekend.

  85. Will says:

    And by "ahving" I mean having.

  86. katt says:

    Wow, your really funny in the way you write-i like it!
    take care oh finger pointing one!! lol x

  87. Positive Outlook! says:

    HI there, great space, like you writing! Drop by mine anytime and say hi! Add me so I can come back and read your words often! Thanks for sharing!  Mike

  88. Bridget says:

    Just stoppin in from laoch\’s site. have a great weekend!!

  89. Unknown says:

    Have a great weekend. lol.   Love the page and the blogs. 

  90. Unknown says:

    Hey you, lol  Hope this Monday is better than your last Monday but i know , i know you just plain hate Monday\’s lol.  Well have a great day and a great week anyway.   Peace, Love & Light  :)

  91. Unknown says:

    just stopping in to say hi and wishing you a great weekend!  And oh that guy has got to go haha.  peace, love & light

  92. Unknown says:

    So I hope the week has been good and the weekend coming up even better. :D   oh and whatever decision you have made, I bet you feel better now that it is done.  I hope it works for you !   Love & Light my friend.

  93. Unknown says:

    Stopping by again to say Hi,  also hope the festival was great!  Sounds awsome to me.   Have a great week, i know , i know it is Monday tomorrow lol.  Have a good one anyway lol.   Peace, Love & Light :)

  94. Unknown says:

    Hey there, sounds like your summer is going great!  But we dont\’ want to jinx it……
    Wanted to stop by to say hi and to have a great week..
    Peace, Love & Light 

  95. Unknown says:

    Hey,  I am still here just been so busy since school has started for my kids.  Got a new job eh?  Well before you know it you will be flying through the work day and getting all the perks lol.
    Have a great week and dont\’ get to caught up in all that jargon hehe.
    love & light

  96. ParanoidX2 says:

    Ahhh yeah I\’m ParanoidX2…….  how are you? 

  97. Lisa says:

    Lisa Cipriano was here…..what interesting stories you have. We really need catch up soon…..I do have free calls to Canada so once I move in to my new flat I will be calling ya xxxx

  98. Heather says:

    Hey Amanda I have come back to spaces…. DarlingCNDNGirl

  99. Chella says:

    It is I. Still following you 3642873 years later.

  100. Jo Ann says:

    Thank gawd you are back!

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